Friday, June 3, 2011

Fly, Dream 2 Coming Along

Fly, Dream 2: Still working on it, and am experimenting with line and texture
Does anyone else hate doing french knots? I mean, I love the way they look and the texture you can get by sewing them, but, man, does it take forever to fill up a space--which is exactly what I am trying to do here. I used to work with a embroidery stand, and I think it was easier that way, so I  might start using one again, because as of now using the embroidery hoops is just not working for me.  The other thing is I keep using thread that is too short, so I get into this rhythm and WHAM! it's time to add new thread because the needle keeps falling off the old thread as you are pulling the knot through.  I am done complaining, but realize that this entry is basically an observation that sometime the process is not as much fun as the outcome--which is okay--not everything is going to be fun, but french knots are always the stitch that remind me that sometimes we do work for the outcome and not just for the process.  A completely non-yoga-like point of view, but one that does crop up now and again.  So, for all you artists out there that are struggling with a design, using a technique you abhor, but need for its outcome, or are just plain bored with the piece you are working on, I give you kudos and applause, because the life of an artist doesn't often come with positive regular feedback and/or raises for doing a good job!

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  1. This is coming along nicely. really neat idea!