Wednesday, February 16, 2011

new post: doorways

Doorways: Unfinished Piece
I will probably add beadwork and maybe a little more paint
It started as part of the 100-day challenge from the Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine forum, and now I am working on it as part of another blog: Take a Word

I have been re-reading Julie Powell's book Julie/Julia and I realize that like Julie, I hope to one day "make it big" with my art/writing.  It would be extremely exciting, though obviously not exactly ground-breaking, to have that happen.  And in the midst of my dog-crisis, sister's new baby, and the daily joys/pains/questions of raising children and being a partner in a marriage, I have these fantasies of selling my work world-wide and writing about it and life in general.  This, all in the middle of a recession--with last year's sales being truly awful.  So it came as a huge surprise that a piece of mine was accepted into a magazine and that I was also invited to show my work at an art fair--both of which came about today!  Thus, this is the reason I am putting up my unfinished piece, Doorways.  Doors are all over the place, and while some seem to be closing--such as our time with our pet--others might open.  And some you can't even really see until you actually go through them.  I used to try to figure a lot of things out in my head, but now I often find myself just doing and then seeing what happens.  It makes for less worry but more adventure and fun--though I have to say, I still have not taken the literal plunge and learned to scuba-dive like my hubby would wish.  I would much rather learn to parachute.


  1. A very special piece. Luscious, rich dark color, and great workmanship. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I ask to myself what we will discover once your door will be finished... It's a fantastic creation and I don't have all the english vocabulary to say what I feel!!!
    Just say : Love it!!!

  3. A wonderful piece of artwork with such beautiful rich colours and textures. I hope you will show it again when it is completed. Congratulations of your success with the magazine, you certainly deserve it.

  4. It does look interesting. I look forward to seeing the finished piece. I am always in awe of what can be done with fabric and sewing.

  5. Here's to the magic of opening doors!!

  6. This is gorgeous! I didn't get my Door finished this week. This is so good you could call it finished!