Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Newton Open Studios is back! Please come and visit m e at my solo show at my home!

Support Local artists - Please pass this on to anyone you think may be interested!

Don't Miss NOS 2016! 
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April 9 & 10
Sat. & Sun, 11am to 5pm, free.

Join thousands of area residents, at one of the largest and longest running public art events in the region - now in our 19th year!

Indulge Your Curiosity!
160 artist at 50 pop-up exhibit/sales locations all across Newton will offer paintings, jewelry, ceramics, fabric and woven goods, watercolors, sculpture, photography, silkscreens, and more. A Festive Setting to browse and explore. Buy art and beautifully crafted objects directly from local artists.
Special Events!
Check the list on the website home page as we continue to add special events, demos and extended hour locations over the next weeks. For instance, this year, we will offer our first Slow Art Day Event, at City Hall on Saturday April 9th, during NOS.
Get Your Guide!
It has tons of artist info and a full map for easy navigation. Downloaded it from the NOS website, or find it at the Newton Free Library and at local businesses.
All the NOS locations have ample free parking, and many have handicap access. Red balloons mark the locations.
Flash Exhibit Preview!
Join us at the Newton Free Library for a "flash exhibit" preview reception on April 6th at 7pm. Meet artists, and see a wide sampling of the art and craft that will be on view during the NOS weekend event.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hey, I fixed this one!
It has been two years since I posted and the only reason  for the absence is health.   The migraines have become chronic daily disturbances, and I have been in and out of hospitals and to and from doctors trying to curtail them.  This is the excuse for the lack of art posts. However, I am starting a new blog, "There's No Magic Bullet." to discuss chronic pain. So, if you want to talk art--stay here.  If you want to talk life (which includes art), check the new blog out.  It is still in its fetal stages. In fact, I have somehow managed to erase my "About Me" section on the art blog while settting up the other one.  My apologies, and hopefullly, I will become better at managing and designing the blog as time goes by. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Finally Back to Work

So, after two months of migraines I am back to work.  Just finishing a new bracelet and I find that as I get near the end of one project I am always thinking of the next five or so I want to start and then I have to really push myself to finish the piece I am actually working on and not drop it to start on another project.  I can't tell you how many unfinished pieces I have--probably almost as many as I have finished sitting in my studio.  But I am committed to finishing things now, since I will be showing my work at Newton Open Studios this May.  Come and see all the art that Newton has to offer.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Long Time No Speak .... Again

I just cannot believe is is already the end of January and I have not blogged since September!  So here is my New Year's resolution --only a month late, but no matter-- I will blog more consistently.  I recently taught a class on stitching and embellishing fabric and I have been trying to explore some new jewelry designs as well.  My pictures are not great right now, as I need to get the pieces to the photographer, but I thought I would keep you all updated.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Day 28: Entry
The colors are off in the photograph but thought I would upload it all the same
I thought this piece was apropos given that it is the first day of school--and new schools at that--for both my children.  And now we all enter a new phase of our lives and have to say goodbye to the little years and hello to the older ones.  It's funny,  yesterday my sister and her friend were asking me, Are you freaking out how old your son is?  Are you going to cry when he goes to High School tomorrow?  And the funny thing was, I wasn't freaking out and didn't feel like crying until they asked me. After each question I would, say, "Well now I am!" So this morning, when I had to NOT put a note in Matt's lunch box,  because he is too old for that, I was sad!  But they left for school okay, and we all survived waking up a few hours earlier than our usual summertime rising. So, let's all embrace this entry and open as many doors as we can.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Long Time No Speak

I was working so hard on the other side of this pieces, when all of a sudden I turned it over and realized I could make so much more out of the underside.  The dancing lady was added in the negative space and I just love her.

Despite the reflection of the flash from my camera, I think this captures the essence of the piece -- and how perfect for the end of Summer, as its title is Green Vistas
I apologize for the lack of communication.  It has been three months and I feel like it has been a year.  The summer has flown--why do we always say "flown by"?  I mean, really, it could have sunk, run away, drowned, meandered (if it seemed slow), scuttled, swam, or  hopped.  In essence, the time has been spent--and sometimes it seems to have gone by quickly and sometimes dragged on like a horrible and persistent canker sore.  For the most part, I just feel that it has passed and as with all passings, you look back and think, I could have done more or I am glad I did that, or a little bit of both.  For now, I'll say--a little of both.  The good news is that I  have been published.  For all you beadaholics out there, go take a look at Beadwork Magazine--my piece is on page 56.  Very exciting.  And though I am sad to feel the air getting cooler and am nostalgic for lazy days with my children, the impending schedule of school and work seems almost refreshing and inspiring.  So much of summer is said to be inspiring--the warm weather, the beach, the colors--but in actuality, I got very little, new work completed this season.  Perhaps, summertime is my art hibernation time.  So I greet Autumn with a mixture of anticipation and wistfulness.