Thursday, January 13, 2011

Apres Snow Day

Another day, another post.  Trying to keep up with all the Web-advertising/marketing is a job in and of itself.  However, work must go on.  We all enjoyed the snow day yesterday--especially my dog, who I think could live in two feet of snow quite happily as along as there was someone out there to throw snowballs at her--and I do mean AT her.  She loves it when they hit her in the face.  Go figure?

As for art, I am working on a new necklace design and am kind of jazzed about it.  In addition, I have started another version of Pear/Pair Trees and have applied to a juried show. We will see what happens.

I keep thinking of the Arizona tragedy and am speechless by its sorrow and loss.  Really, I keep erasing my sentences as I try to talk/write about it.  One sits here and creates art in the hopes of making people feel connected--be it to an idea or a feeling or a thought--and then all that seems so small in the face of such tragedy and evil.  I don't know perhaps if everyone would just find one beautiful thing each day--a smile, a photograph, an action--and carry that thing in their hearts throughout the day, then these episodes would decrease.  A simplistic idea, perhaps, but one I try to enact as I go through my days.  Today I will be remembering the park where I brought my dog and the icy snow-laden branches with the huge expanse of white untouched snow (that is until we got there!).

I wish an image of that kind of peace and beauty to you all each and every day.

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