Sunday, March 6, 2011

Directions finished--with minimal swearing

Yesterday I mailed the directions and piece to Beadwork Magazine for publication later this year. As you all know, I was a bit intimidated at the prospect of writing out the directions for this incredibly intricate and somewhat free-form piece.  But it is done--with minimal swearing.  Actually the most horrible language was saved for the car rides to and from the post offices.  Do people just forget how to drive when Saturday rolls around?  At one point, I was so frustrated, I just said to myself, maybe if I just swear loudly at no one it will reduce my road rage.  Lesson #1:  All it did was make me feel like an idiot.  But I did stop yelling, so maybe it worked.  In actuality, I think it was just grief over the passing of my dog that manifested itself as complete impatience with the outside world.  Funny how grief works--you think you're fine and then, WHAM!  You are not.  But still, you have to work, you have to teach your children, you have to help others and fulfill your obligations.  So, despite it all, I finished the directions and sent them off.  I am including a picture of the piece for you all to see--and a picture of Olive as a puppy. 

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  1. That neclace looks beautiful and congrats on getting it published. How exciting. And that pup is too cute!