Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So, here are the last seven of my 100-day challenge.  They are rougher and less time-consuming than a lot of the others, but I think that is because I want to start working on a lot of the ideas and sketches that evolved as these 100 days passed.  In all of these last seven, I used a watercolor under-wash behind quick ink lines or sketches.  Again, I played with ideas inspired by Klimt, but also just let the pen wander where it would.  In the last two, I glued some scraps from the painted pages onto the bases.  All in all, this has been an enlightening experience and just makes me want to explore different lines and textures all the more.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

a few more scribbles!

Day 82: Again playing around with the idea of Home Sweet Home

Day 83: I had just bought some new pens and was playing with
them and colored pencils.

Day 84: Exploration of spirals and perspectives.

Day 85: Playful squiggles

Day86: Another experiment on Home Sweet Home
while playing with different types of drawing strokes.


Day 87: I was tired and was inspired by a small ceramic
piece my daughter had made.