Thursday, February 3, 2011

Becoming CyberSmart

Hey, I just created a link with my brother-in-law's blog!  Anyone know what this actually means?  As a cyberspace newbie, this is all somewhat astounding for me, but I figure, why not try it out?  Anyway, his work is phenomenal.  Today is my daughter's birthday.  She turns 11!  Be sure to read that carefully, otherwise the exclamation point looks like a "1" and it appears that Leah is turning 111.  That, however, is not the case, but 11 does seem incredibly big to me--especially for my baby.  Every year, for each of the kids, Nessy and I sneak into their rooms the night before their birthday and decorate them with streamers and balloons and signs and ribbons.  This year, for Matt's birthday we wove a net of streamers and suspended it above his bed.  Last night for Leah, we curled ribbons and hung them all over her ceiling.  Every year, we make a mess load of noise as we try to be quiet and Matthew sleeps through the noise.  Leah, however, almost always wakes up and fakes us out--pretending to be asleep when she really isn't.  Most of the time I can catch her at it.  This year, though, she really fooled me. So I guess she really is growing up--which means I will have to start ordering the tracking devices, chastity belts, and phone tapping contraptions for delivery soon!  I've been busy baking cakes and decorating them neatly, which is extremely hard for me as I tend to be a VERY messy person with anything sticky or goopy.  I once tried wax-resist fabric painting one year and that was quite a scene!  Cutting the stencils was okay, but my entire body and work-space was covered clumps of wax and paint when it came time to create the pattern onthe cloth--definitely not a medium I am handy at.  Anyway, her cake is neat and pretty and I did not have a nervous breakdown trying to make it that way, which was nice (sorry Ms. Welsch!--for an explanation, please see previous blog discussing the word "nice").  Now, if I could just get the frosting out of my hair before we go out for dinner . . . .

edfredned's sketch blog: Groundhog's Day 2011

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  1. Thanks for the link to my blog and a very happy birthday to Leah!