Sunday, February 20, 2011

two down, two to go

Call me a coward, but I started with the easier parts.  At least they are done--and no swearing was involved, which my husband truly appreciated.  Ever since I met him, over 27 years ago, and at least since we have been together--about 23 years ago--he has been trying to get me to stop swearing.  There have been many reasons why he wants me to stop: for example, the one I often use with the kids, it's inappropriate. Or, you never know when a bad word will slip out in an unfortunate circumstance. It sounds trashy. It's rude. There are better ways to show how you feel. You don't want the kids to hear you use this kind of language.  The list goes on.  And each reason is a good one.  But though I do temper my language, I mean I think I am the only one in the word alive at this point who has actually said, golly-gee-willakers, and meant to say that phrase, I also sometimes need a few really choice and decidedly nasty words.  It is cathartic, strangely satisfying, and decidely not "nice."


  1. Alicia,

    Blog is great. Congrats. Love the necklace. Keep making these beautiful pieces. You are truly talented.