Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ground Hog's Day

Ring Around the Wrist: Already Sold

Picture Jasper Pendant: $495
Picture Jasper cabachon bezel set within seed beads and suspended on a chain of triangle beads, seed beads, and garnets.

Lonely: Already Sold
Anyone want to bet we have at least 6 more weeks of winter?  The snow is so high here in Boston that I succumbed to calling a plowing company to plow my driveway--much to my husband's chagrin! I actually like to shovel--it's a really super upper body workout--but this water-soaked, ice-laden mess was more than I could handle.  We also tried making a snowman in our backyard, but couldn't walk well enough to roll the snowball, and then with the layers of different kinds of snow, couldn't get the ball to stay together!  In the words of my daughter, "You know, this snow isn't all that much fun." And she has a hand-made sign above her bed that says, "Let it snow, please!"  If she isn't having fun, then hardly anyone is!  But let's try and be positive--we got to sleep in a little today, we are having lots of family time, and thank goodness, we have a roof over our heads and can get in from out of the cold.  And, as I write, the neighbors' children are coming over to play with our children--IN THE SNOW!  So, I guess the novelty has not completely worn off.  Which leads me to my next idea, if Mother Nature can make it snow over and over and over again without getting bored, how do we artists keep doing the same thing without getting bored?  Has anyone ever been in the middle of a project and just thought, "I can't wait to finish it, because the creative part is over and now it's just going through the motions to finish up the piece"?  The way I survive the monotony it is to work on about ten projects at a time.  Right now, I have 4, no wait 5, necklaces; 2 bracelets; and 4 wall pieces--one of which is almost 4 feet long--on route to being finished.  This doesn't include all the ideas and plans gestating in my brain.  Perhaps, like Mother nature, I bounce from one state/project to the other scattering my creations as they form just like She releases rain, snow, ice and sun beams all over the planet.  Or maybe, I just have a short attention span!  Enjoy your winter everyone and remember to help those in need during these hard months!

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