Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Day 28: Entry
The colors are off in the photograph but thought I would upload it all the same
I thought this piece was apropos given that it is the first day of school--and new schools at that--for both my children.  And now we all enter a new phase of our lives and have to say goodbye to the little years and hello to the older ones.  It's funny,  yesterday my sister and her friend were asking me, Are you freaking out how old your son is?  Are you going to cry when he goes to High School tomorrow?  And the funny thing was, I wasn't freaking out and didn't feel like crying until they asked me. After each question I would, say, "Well now I am!" So this morning, when I had to NOT put a note in Matt's lunch box,  because he is too old for that, I was sad!  But they left for school okay, and we all survived waking up a few hours earlier than our usual summertime rising. So, let's all embrace this entry and open as many doors as we can.

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