Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things are looking up--as long as I don't slip on the ice!

Comfort II
This piece is now hanging in my one-person show at Chestnut Hill Chiropractor Rehab.  It will also be shown later at a show in Roslindale, MA--theme of "Love."  I  like this theme--it is something we all need a little more of and need to give a little more to others.  It has been a good professional week.  Sold a few pieces at the deCordova Museum shop and was accepted into the Roslindale show.  Moments like this are too few, but are greatly cherished.  By the way, has anyone else out there become a cookie monster?  It must be the weather, but my family and I are eating cookies faster than we can bake them.   It's a little freaky.  Maybe the next series I will work on is Food!  Anyway, gotta go stitch, sew, and bead.

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