Monday, January 31, 2011

3rd Annual Love Exhibit

Comfort III

On display during the months of February and March, 2011 at Bangkok Cafe, 25 Poplar Street, Roslindale. 
Boston area (Roslindale, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain and West Roxbury) artists selected used various mediums to express the theme of love. Participating artists are: Kasey Davis Appleman: Mixed Media;  Gert Condon: Photography: Kathryn Deputat: Digial Print; Amy Joyce: Silkscreen Print; Bill Mahan: Acrylic; Jeff Margulies: Stained Glass; Chris Roberts: Pastel; Alicia Shems: Fiber and Beads; Glenn Williams: Acrylic and Janice Williams: Digital Design.
There will be a reception with the artists on Thursday February 17 from 6-8 p.m. Free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served courtesy of Bangkok Cafe. For more information visit
This exhibit was created to celebrate Bangkok Chef/Owner Raungdet Titisuttikul's ("Danny") birthday on Valentines Day February 14. Bangkok Cafe has been a strong supporter of local art for many years.

Come and visit the exhibit--we all need a little more love in our lives.  I will be showing one piece--Comfort III--as seen above and on a previous post.  In fact, as I was standing in line at the pharmacy waiting to pick up my family's prescriptions, I realized how uptight everyone is.  I had one woman practically sitting on my lap in an effort to get to the counter faster.  I could actually smell the peanuts she had been eating in line on her breath.  Anyone ever heard of personal space?  But then, as I was driving out of the parking lot and watching every driver's harried expression,  I realized, you just gotta chill.  There is nothing we can do about the weather (storm coming tomorrow and people are freaking out!)
Breathe In, Breathe Out
price: $245
Crystals, ceramic beads, jasper, and glass drops
What we can do is breathe and realize that a little kindness goes pretty far in making or breaking someone's day.  There was this one woman in line who let a pregnant woman go before her and started chatting with her two-year old son.  How sweet was that? Then, on the way home, I made room for some cars to go around a fire truck parked on the curb, and the looks of relief on the drivers' faces was just so gratifying.

Anyway, I have a whole series I am working on with photographs of people and if anyone wants to use one of their own photographs and commission me to make a piece that is meaningful and specific to you or the people you love, just contact me.  Let's spread some love through art.

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