Friday, January 28, 2011

Apres Snow Day #3

Sunset bracelet: on display at The Store @ the deCordova

Metamorphosis: On display at Chestnut Hill Chiropractors
How are you all today?  Now that I have some followers, I know I am not talking to empty space, which is kind of nice--to use a word that my 5th grade English teacher absolutely hated and, which when I do use it, I cringe and say a small internal apology to Ms. Welsch for not thinking hard enough of a more descriptive word.  I just started reading David McCullough's biography of John Adams right now and I said to Nessy last night that sometimes I don't like to read it, because I feel so inferior when learning about all that this man did, while not having running water, heat, electricity, cars etc.  But it was funny, one of the passages in the book talked about how inferior Adams felt a lot of the time.  How he was constantly criticizing himself, making plans to be more industrious, setting goals, and falling short of those goals.  Not that I would ever compare myself to Adams, but it did make me feel a little better to know that a man who helped change the course of our country had similar thoughts and concerns.  He also seemed to vacillate between many interests, which anyone who knows me will attest to being one of my struggles.  But in the end, today I focused on one of Mary Oliver's poems,  "Wild Geese."  The first line states,  "You do not have to be good."  And the rest of the poem is just quite beautiful.  This poem is, to me, about the moment, about letting yourself enjoy your own place in the world, about nature and love and disappointment and ultimately hope. So, when I sit down to work today, instead of trying to be as good as Adams, I hope to find merely today and all that it has to offer.  Things like my son's small smiles, my daughter's exclamation that she loves to laugh, and the teasing that my husband jokingly did before he left for work.  And I think, how nice (there's that word again) that there is some quiet today so that I can share these thoughts with you.  Anyway, enjoy your day!

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  1. I am having a great time going through all your posts- your embroidery, jewelry, quilting, all of it is really detailed and amazing. Great posts too- I can relate to the migraine days! I will stopp by again soon.