Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You Want Me To Do What?

Contact Sheet of Bracelets
My sister had a baby last week.  Her first one, and he is truly gorgeous.  He snuggles right into your arms and even though all the books say babies this young don't smile, he does, and especially when I hold him.  And, no, I am not a doting auntie.   Well, maybe I am.  My kids are in their tweens and teens and though they are still cuddlers, they are certainly not babies.  While I was sitting at the dinner table last night with my family, I received a text from my sis saying that she was going to bed and would call me in the morning.   Normally I don't answer texts or allow smart phones at the table, but seeing as she had just had a baby and I didn't want to wake her up when she was sleeping, I broke my own rule and answered the text.  But doing so got me to thinking--and I am sure this is not an original thought--but it did make me laugh.  You know the joke that I think Joan Rivers said, though I am not sure . . . the one about squeezing a watermelon through a hole the size of a lemon.  Well, I was thinking, what about the baby.  He's nice and cozy, swimming around, and then all of sudden he realizes, "Wait you want me to go where?   You mean I am supposed to fit through that?!"  No wonder babies cry a lot.  That kind of trauma would make me cry too.  The funny thing is, I told the joke and everyone smiled and humored me.  And then a minute later I started laughing again, and my son says, "I knew you were going to do that.  It's the delayed laugh-again thing you always do."  He was nice about it (OMG, there is that word again!), but really, I can't believe I am so predictable to my teenage son!  It was kind of sweet, though, that he knew me so well.  So, this is what my sister has to look forward to: Good-natured teasing by her teenage son--hopefully barring the other option of goth/preppy/fill in whatever clique you want to-I-hate-you-and-everything-you-say.  I just count my blessings every day that my children can still laugh at me.
Metamorphosis: Freeform embroidery, beadwork and quilting on fabric collage

So, back to what I should really be talking about: ART.  This Thursday is the opening for the LOVE Exhibit at the Bangkok Cafe in Roslindale, MA, 6-8pm.  Come eat and meet the artists--one of which is me.  I should be there around 7, after finishing up carpool.  Ah, the juggling act of a working-stay-at-home mom!

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  1. I wish I lived in MA! Seeing the photos on your blog makes me want to get up close and really see the details and textures.