Monday, October 4, 2010

Days 50-56

Sequins, sharpies, and scrapbook stickers--this is day 50--the second day 50, as I forgot to put in day 39!

Day51: stamps, colored pencils and sharpies 

Day 52: Sharpies, scrapbook stickers, stamps, and colored pencils.  I really like this one; it is different from most of my others and I like the hidden words underneath the squiggles.

Day53: Leftover fabric art from a previous project and sharpies.  I like the idea of a doorway/window looking into the outside from a brick wall.  I want to play more with the whole idea of inside and outside, nature and man-made.

Day 54, 55, 56: As I was cutting out all the previous days from my workbook, I notices that the edges made for nice collage material.  I really enjoyed the almost industrial look that came out of the last two.

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