Wednesday, October 20, 2010

moving on up!

Here are the next set of my 100 days challenge pieces.  Obviously some are done quickly as I was tired, but they are great inspiration for some smaller pieces.

I was thinking about these two in the middle of the night when I had insomnia.  Just thinking about starting points and meeting points and where we all end up

These two were just quick sketches--I was trying out a little humor. Whether it works or not, I had fun.

Sharpies, oil pastels, fabric and paper--more swirls

Just a play on perspective and shades, but I kind of like the energy of the piece and am thinking of transforming it into fabric and paint.

I really like the feel of sewing on paper and cloth at once.  Again more swirls, but also some exploration of simpler composition.

Just wanted to scribble by the time I got to this point in the evening, but I like the sharpie "monster" lines over the pencil 

My own little rhoarschac (sp?) design.  What do you see here and when you turn it it looks really different.


  1. so lovely... and beautiful how you tie them into your thoughts... xo