Monday, October 25, 2010

Experiment Alley! Days 71-78

This one was such an experiment: Glue, paint, fabric, scraps.  Still not sure how I feel about it.

Another experiment: I call it "wind".  I like the mixture of textures but am not truly loving the whole thing.
Experiment number 3: I liked it much better after adding the lines that seemed to give it a depth of perspective.  I also like the play on words, but again, this is to me just a trial for another piece, not a finished product itself.

This began as paint and stamps and then I saw the two faces in the middle and started playing with pastels.  I love the whimsy in the faces, and would like to try my hand at another more "finished" piece like this.

The following pieces all stemmed from a page that I painted and then stamped over.  In each one, I added another medium, such as colored pencils, sharpies, or pastels.  I tried to play with perspective, foreground/background and texture.  All in all, it was fun, and I can see using them as part of a series or as sketches for larger pieces.

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